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Why You’re Not Getting Consistent Coaching Leads

Struggling to get 5+ coaching leads from your Coaching website each week?
Can’t recall the last time a genuine potential client used your contact form? 🙈

(And not those pesky emails about spam guest posts or SEO 👎)

It’s frustrating because…
❌ You’re putting in the effort!
❌ You’re sharing vulnerable stories, tips, and client wins on Facebook and Instagram.
❌ Your website is receiving ample traffic…

BUT nobody is turning into subscribers and clients.

What’s the issue?

One challenge many coaches face, particularly female coaches, is effectively showcasing their results.

✅ A potential client must BELIEVE they will achieve results working with you.
✅ They must believe that you can help solve their specific problem.
✅ They need to know you understand their current situation and can bridge the gap to their desired outcome.

👉 Prospective clients MUST believe that you or your coaching program will work for them 💯

So, how can you accomplish this?

Your results (testimonials, case studies, success stories, etc.) need to make someone SELF-IDENTIFY.

On a basic level…

➡️ If you’re a relationship coach for female executives, you need to display testimonials from female executives.

Even if you have the most incredible, transformative result from a male entrepreneur, including that may make a prospect less likely to work with you because they cannot identify with that person.

On a deeper level…

➡️ You must uncover the real pains, struggles, wants, dreams, and desires…and demonstrate how their life is entirely different now… 💖

Gather exceptional testimonials and social proof that resonate with clients instantly, giving them the much-needed confidence that you can help them and are worth investing thousands of dollars in.

No more vague testimonials like “You transformed my life and relationships!”

Instead, focus on POWERFUL stories and results that encourage people to fill out that contact form with the DESIRE to work with you! 💪

Want to make sure you have the best questions and testimonial framework for your next success story on your coaching website or social media that gets you more inquiries regularly?

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